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The book will be available soon on-line

posted 9 Aug 2015, 04:24 by Tom Weidig

Poster at 2014 April Conference on Human Consciousness

posted 15 Feb 2014, 05:07 by Tom Weidig

Abstract has been accepted for the poster session:
 We claim that human sciences are still missing one overarching framework to conceptually unify all physical, biological, psychological, and social processes happen! ing in the human system. We propose such a framework, which in our view provides us with additional conceptual tools to explore consciousness. Interestingly, our framework naturally includes the concept of memes.nnThe traditional biopsychosocial view describes different types of processes affecting human beings: physical (e.g. blood pressure), biological (e.g. cell divisions), psychological (e.g. conditioning processes and cognitive processes, and social (e.g. relationships). This conceptual framework barely passes as a fundamental and unifying model of humans, but is rather the explicit acknowledgement of the existence of separate biological, psychological, and social processes. Moreover, those processes are fuzzily defined in terms of mental constructs (such as "to love" or "to age") and overlapping (loving and ageing use the same body and brain).nnWe assume thatn1. only a framework based on physical states can ever provide for holistic and operational models of the human! system, and n2. humans are information gathering and utilizin! g system s (I.G.U.S.), and their brain's informational content, apart from body and environment, drives our behaviour and experience. nnOur framework constructs overarching models of humans by slicing up the physical world into domains while considering the physical representation of information. The slicing method ensures that our description is complete. Our simplest human system model consists of four domains: n1. the environment (outside the human body),n2. the body,n3. the confined memories ("ames"), and n4. the communicable memories ("memes") .nnImportant consequences of the model are:n1. Processes of any type (physical, biological, psychological, and social) always involve changes in one or more of these four domains.n2. To understand any human process, search for elements driving the process in all domains.n3. Psychotherapy is about changing the informational content of the client.n4. Mental constructs are stored within our brain and are the patterns that some types of recurr! ing processes share.

2014 March Workshop in Antwerp

posted 15 Feb 2014, 05:04 by Tom Weidig

We have a March 28/29th workshop on BPS2.0 showing how to apply the framework to the multi-dimensional  disorder of stuttering.

2012 March Workshop in Antwerp

posted 5 Feb 2012, 01:57 by Tom Weidig   [ updated 5 Feb 2012, 02:03 ]

We have a March 9th workshop on BPS2.0 showing how to apply the framework to the multi-dimensional  disorder of stuttering.

4th Draft finished

posted 1 Jan 2012, 02:42 by Tom Weidig

The fourth draft of the book has been finished, and we will send it to experts in the field.

We still require 2-3 positive reviews for our prospective publisher.

If you are interested in reviewing (no matter your background), please contact us!

One-day workshop on July 23rd 2011

posted 11 Jun 2011, 07:53 by Tom Weidig

You are invited to our one-day workshop. Below is a draft proposal...

Title: One-day workshop on Applying BPS2.0

Date: July 23rd (or Saturday earlier, July 17th)

Location: Uni Luxembourg BC 3.06 (old building)

Time: 9:00-17:00 with 2-hour lunch break
a. morning session from 9-12 with 15 minutes break
b. lunch at local restaurent
c. afternoon session from 14:17 with 30 minute break

Participants: maximum 10 people, everyone is welcome

Pre-requisite: participants should prepare for the workshop
a. reading 3-hour workshop manual (sent to those who don't have one)
b. a test of understanding: sent to you, filled in at home and
discussed in morning session

Costs: free of charge

Test Run Workshop on Monday June 6th. 2011

posted 4 Jun 2011, 06:41 by Tom Weidig   [ updated 29 Oct 2014, 02:46 ]

We have a workshop on Monday June 6th to prepare for our workshop for Junior GPs.

If you want to add, send an email to

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