Capturing all aspects of humans

We know a lot about the world, and about ourselves. The scientific method has slowly but surely dissected our physical, biological, psychological, and social nature. The reductionist agenda has led to the accumulation of vast amounts of ever-detailed discoveries over the last centuries reported in hundreds of thousands of scientific articles. We are made of atoms following physical laws in a 13.7 billion-year-old expanding universe. We have evolved from simple self-replicating molecules by natural selection. A complex network of billions of neurones generates our behaviour and experience, and makes us exquisite observers of nature and of our nature. And, we are cultural beings, standing on the shoulders of our ancestors’ knowledge and forming societies which dominate all other life forms.

Yet, despite all this detailed knowledge, no effective overarching framework to describe, classify, and manage the complexity of human nature exists.

Our website is dedicated to the theory and application of our proposal for an operationalisable biopsychosocial framework (BPS2.0).

Please check out the Introduction and FAQs for a quick overview, and the In-depth material for detailed documentation.

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Our book gives a complete introduction to the BPS2.0 framework.